Finally! A B2B social marketing learning program that shows you how you can build your community & business in a way that comes natural to you & engages your customers!

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What is Social Capital?

Social Capital is created when you create value in the mind of a friend, prospect or customer. Think “paying it forward”. He/she who gives most has the most “Social Capital”. Whereas social media are tools used to interact with people and build your social capital.

Building Social Capital is 100% congruent and in alignment with growing a thriving business. A businesses success or failure depends on its ability to create a “valuable” experience in the customers mind and Social Capital is the result.

Start With The End In Mind

socialCapitaldiffWhat makes this virtual conference one of a kind is you’ll walk away knowing how to focus on the “content” of building online relationships and your Social Capital (building trust & reciprocity).

Social Capital brings context and focus to your social networking activities and the use of social media tools.

If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable networking or participating in social media you’re going to love “Awaken The Social Capital In Your Business”.

We work with you to develop an approach to social networking and marketing that fits you like a glove.

Who we designed this program for…

  • Solopreneurs.
  • Business owners of small and medium sized organizations.
  • Large companies with a sales force.
  • Non-profits with a sales force who are seeking to implement a more grassroots approach to leveraging social media that is both meaningful and profitable.

If you can identify with any of these needs, this program IS for you…

  • An individual or business that works with professionals in the creative industry. Which could include the graphic design, web development, video production, technology, art, creative, and technical media.
  • Any individual or business that is interested in learning how to capitalize on the social media experience.
  • Established business owners wanting to improve their reach into the social media realm who have invested time, money, and energy in the social media game, yet just feel they could be seeing better results.
  • Have concerns about how they will integrate social media into their sales systems and processes in a way that is worthwhile.

This is the ONLY Social Marketing training program to use Social Media methods & tools to actually deliver the program

  • Live Webcast
  • A Twitter application
  • Engage customers in an interactive dialogue
  • Collaborate in small groups
  • Immersive social media experience
  • You will experience how to interact, adapt and implement customer solutions in real time

Awaken The Social Capital In Your Business – Overview


What you can expect…

A hands on 10 Week course conducted in a supportive and open virtual environment. Upon completion of the course expect to feel enlightened, engaged, productive and driven because you will be empowered with:

  • Greater self confidence
  • An organic plan of action you can easily implement
  • Confidence to engage more effectively in the dialogue
  • Strategies to easily attract your ideal customer
  • Ability to set up prospects for a positive experience.
  • Enhanced Clarity
  • Increased credibility
  • A clear picture of how sales and marketing has changed and how you can respond throughout the customers buying cycle.
  • Flexibility to quickly adapt to the changing social media landscape

In summarizing you will learn specific selling skills and techniques that have you feeling more confident, effective and profitable in Age Of Social Media.

Here’s what’s included in this Virtual Conference!

  • 10 Weeks of Dynamic, Interactive, Multimedia Content
  • 3 Fabulous, Loving and Supportive Co-Hosts
  • A Clear and Open Space where you will feel connected and encouraged to freely collaborate with your peers
  • An intuitive social media template that will help you to unlearn, learn and relearn which will allow you to truly play, learn and evolve
  • Lots of right brained multimedia and visual learning tools
  • A forum to continue the dialogue, share ideas and evolve new relationships long after the course is over
  • A high touch, high tech experience that is an organic living demonstration and multimedia experience
  • An interactive, creative, innovative and one of a kind experience.

Who is qualified to teach this course?

I created this program along with my Triad partners, Marianne St. Clair and Shonika Proctor who both emerged from being active in the Social Media collaborative.cofounders

Greg Balanko-Dickson, is the Small Business Sherpa and a Visual Business Architect who for the last 19 years has trained, coached, and consulted with more than 11,000 business owners and entrepreneurs in more than 30 industries on three continents. Greg authored two business books for McGraw-Hill Trade, has been profiled in national magazines, newspapers, TV and as a guest on radio shows and as a keynote speaker to public and private companies.

Marianne St. Clair is a bright, passionate woman whose tag line is “Got To Play”. She keeps us on track with her ‘big picture, right brain’ view of future trends and societal shifts. She brings a unique perspective from years of studying energy and quantum physics, spirituality, and learning modalities as the co-founder of The School Without Walls. Recently, she co-founded Drop Your Reins, an experiential learning organization with her daughter Danielle Herb which utilizes Natural Horsemanship to assist ADHD/ADD and other challenged children to learn new life skills without the use of prescription drugs.

Shonika Proctor is Prompting the Emerging Voice through her books, workshops, training programs, branded curriculum, award winning blog and online community. Her Washington, DC based company, Group Interactive, Inc. designs and implements progressive and experiential training programs with a focus on youth entrepreneurship and workforce development. To date, Shonika has impacted over 12,500 youth in the U.S. and in countries such as Jamaica, Canada, Bosnia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, England and France.

Why we created this course

In our journey we discovered a whole bunch of people training others how to tweet, which tools to use, and how to integrate with your blog… the technical stuff. We’re providing the thought leadership, training, and tools to empower you to Awaken Your Social Capital.

Building Social Capital is all about giving, story telling, sharing relevant information, being helpful, caring and letting your social equity spill out into the world and community.

Brevity = Clarity, Clarity Shared = Insight, Insight Gained = Social Capital

It’s the strength, character and trust in the people within the network that fosters trust and reciprocity. When trust is the norm, people engage in reciprocity, doing for others without any immediate expectation of repayment. This directly impacts people’s health and happiness, levels of economic development, well-working schools, safe neighborhoods, and responsive government.

What you can expect from developing your Social Capital

Organizations can expect to experience increased profits and productivity as a result of being able to feel the pulse of their customers. You and your customers will experience a renewed sense of connectedness. The inter-woven fabric of the social network offers exponential opportunities to collaborate with your customers and also other organizations, people, and potential future customers.

Program begins 9 PM EST October 20th
Limited to 99 people

The Awaken Your Social Capital course enrollment is limited due to the hands on interactive experience. The course will run once a week (every Tuesday) for 10 weeks at 9PM EST. The first course begins Tuesday October 20th and will run every consecutive Tuesday until complete. Whatever it is you can imagine in your wildest dreams….realize that is only the beginning.

Our dynamic program resembles a virtual conference and because it integrates visual interactive learning tools, whole brain learning techniques and our signature interactive Triad collaboration model (small interconnected groups of 3 people).

Social media is transforming the way marketing and business is being conducted. A significant cultural adaptation is underway in how we communicate. Many of our social media tools have been created by left brained individuals. Yet, social media is anything but linear. Sure the data stream is linear, but the way we go about building relationships is about as right brained and dynamic as you can get.

  1. Do you seek to continuously experience moments of creative collaboration and wish you had more frequent A’ha! moments?
  2. Do you wish you could confront your private fears so you could fully engage in social media or relationships in general?
  3. Do you wish you could enter into a true partnership having full clarity and enjoying mutual benefits?

If you answered YES! to any of those last three (3) questions you could greatly benefit from the 10 Week “Awaken The Social Capital In Your Business” Program

All of these questions reflect on the very things that are part of our being. And in the world of social media some things come by learning them and others by living them.

Our social marketing program is the first of its kind as it aims to increase your intuitive confidence which leverages both learning and living. In trusting your intuition it allows you to FULLY and confidently “play with your power”. You can register on all the social networking sites you want and spend all day using the tools and going through the motions but you need to understand the premise behind power vs. force to truly leverage social media. Bottom line is at the end of the day if you are still focusing on “closing the sale” instead of evolving the ‘ideal’ customer-supplier relationship, you will not be able to grow your business.

Not just another Social Marketing Webinar or Course, it’s an interactive “Money In The Bank” experience

“Awaken the Social Capital In Your Business” is far more than a virtual conference. We are Greg Balanko-Dickson, Marianne St. Clair and Shonika Proctor, 3 Right Brained Entrepreneurs who were frustrated with the linear social marketing training programs that often present social networking in a militant style. So we decided to create a Living Virtual Conference reflective of the way that we communicate and do business with our clients and with each other. From our choice in language, to our presentation, the approach we use centers around caring and sharing so that we can engage and evolve people first. We integrate a high touch, high tech interactive whole brain learning experience in everything we do.

We didn’t forget the linear “How To” Template

Here’s a little taste of how our course will be presented- first our 3 charming co-hosts will warm you up to our creative collaborative community with some pre-conference “unlearning” exercises. Then we will present our dynamic and engaging content via videos, visual learning tools and free flowing dialogue via the course syllabus. And then instead of a boring traditional Q & A series, the course facilitator and ‘Visual Business Architect’, Greg Balanko-Dickson will begin answering questions and mind mapping the questions and answers in real time with the support of the 2 other hosts who will be co-producing the webinar training. This is what we call the Triad Experience. In between weekly sessions you will receive a living “How To” template to assist you in real-life implementation.

“Awaken the Social Capital in Your Business” Program Begins 9 PM EST October 20th
Limited to 99 People

The Awaken Your Social Capital course is limited in enrollment due to the hands on interactive experience. The course will run once a week (every Tuesday) for 10 weeks at 9PM EST. The first course begins Tuesday October 20th and will run every consecutive Tuesday until complete. Whatever it is you can imagine in your wildest dreams….realize that is only the beginning.

Our dynamic program evolves the traditional teleseminar experience because it integrates visual interactive learning tools, whole brain learning techniques and our signature Triad collaboration model (small interconnected groups of 3 people).

(1) UNlearn

Outdated, Left Brain Business Development Strategies & Tactics

Target Marketing, The Hard Sell, Sales Closing Tactics, Mass Marketing, Direct Mail, Broadcasting, Profits First, People Second, Motivation, Narrow Focus, Education, Broadcasting, Collaboration, Partnerships

(2) Learn

Whole Brain Business Acceleration


(3) RElearn


Marketing And Attraction

Are Essential Skills To Master

These are the skills that create the opportunities that drive thriving businesses – even when the economy is soft. You can have the:

  • latest and the greatest
  • new and improved
  • product not sold in stores
  • once in a lifetime offer

Unless your marketing “connects” with your ideal customer – having the latest and greatest thing doesn’t matter. free-icons-web Even if you have a large marketing budget, you are still faced with a number of speed bumps along the way:

  • Most homeowners have opted out of the ‘No Call List’ which has effectively crippled cold-calling and telemarketing.
  • Newspapers that have been around 50+ years are going out of business.
  • TV has turned to Reality Based programming and who watches the commercials anymore?
  • Radio is being replaced with digital radio and iPods.
  • Word of mouth is effective but you need to sell the first product (or give it away) and get A LOT of people talking in order to move product regularly.
  • Flyers and direct mail can be inexpensive relatively speaking but often are not targeted bringing on average 3-5% conversion.


How is Social Media transforming Marketing?

There is no denial that a significant cultural adaptation in how we communicate is underway. Just as business and technology are evolving so are Social Media best practices:

  • Sales has evolved from “prospecting” to relationship building.
  • “Closing the sale” has shifted to continually opening new relationships and opportunities.
  • The customer doesn’t care about you until they know how much you care.
  • The customer is in control of the transaction not the salesperson.
  • Providing value upfront comes before receiving.
  • The “Cold Call” is being replaced with value added pre-sales dialogue i.e. obligation free, no purchase necessary, value and information packed free tele-seminars outlining ‘your competitive value adds’.
  • “Advertising” has moved to Engaging In A Conversation.

Social Media and Social Networking are now pioneering these ‘new’ methodologies. However, the concepts and basic principles that marketing is based on have been the same for years.

Being authentic, giving before receiving, listening to the other persons needs are the core values and concepts we innately relate to as they are often the things that measure the ethics and credibility in our professional AND personal relationships.

And one of the main challenges in using this new medium is there is no longer a distinct separation between our business life and our personal life. Once we open ourselves up to it, it is not so easy to close the door. This is what is meant by the term ‘transparency’.

noHiding The key in finding success using these new marketing tools and leveraging your social capital is based on HOW you connect and engage others. It is all based on ‘relationship building’ and the transparency from day one in that relationship.

Relationships, especially new ones are challenging

Whether it is with something or someone, abstract or tangible, the struggle and challenges we often encounter as we enter ‘new relationships’ is that we don’t have clarity or understand where it is leading.

  • Where is it going?
  • How will we be affected if things don’t go as planned?
  • At what point should we exit to cut our losses?

We can have all the hope, faith and enthusiasm in the world – but we can’t build it EFFECTIVELY if we can’t see it.


Without being able to see the big picture we keep doing what is familiar and comfortable.

As the risks become greater, something triggers inside us – we shift back to our left brain analytical thinking. Old ideologies, past ‘failed’ relationships, self-sabotage, and mistrust can begin to resurface.
Sometimes even negative self talk begins to kick in…

  • ‘Why is the other person is taking so long to make up their mind?’
  • ‘Why don’t they know what they want?’
  • ‘They don’t give as much as I do.’
  • ‘They don’t respect my time.’

We then try to rationalize it and read more into these messages and signs. And in trying to ‘figure it all out’, everything becomes more overwhelming and frustrating. The relationship eventually dissolves and we tell ourselves that we have learned our lesson, yet low and behold if we don’t somehow end up repeating the process over and over again. It happens in personal relationships as well as business relationships when establishing partnerships. And now it is happening in social networking and social media. You will experience renewed confidence and clarity as you begin to apply the distinctions learned in the Awaken The Social Capital In Your Business Virtual Conference.

Right Brain It!

I’ve always used right brain tools such as mind mapping, flow charts and visual metaphors to capture the natural and organic nature of business development. Because if I couldn’t understand it, how could I expect my clients to be able to grasp the complexity and intricacies of running a business? I often say, “You can’t build it if you can’t see it.”.


Most people (especially right brained and creative ones) struggle working in a linear (left brain) world. It can be very intimidating, which is why I was inspired to apply some right brain creativity to establish equilibrium in the Social Media space.

All our social media tools have been created by left brained individuals. Yet, social media is anything but linear. Sure the data stream is linear, but the way we go about building relationships is about as right brained and dynamic as you can get.

I wanted to understand the social networking space so I spent a great deal of time dissecting it on paper. Still I struggled to comprehend how it all fit together. Until I sat down and drew it out and applied whole brain thinking did I begin to grasp the wonderful opportunities to connect with people from around the world. I wouldn’t trade the struggle and creative tension I experienced, for anything. The most profound personal benefit I have experienced has been making the transition from left brain to “whole brain” thinking. My biggest delight is how I have been able to break out of my (left brain, analytical) shell to establish wonderful connections and relationships with truly amazing people.

Now I am ready to share these distinctions and tools with the world!

In The Early Days

In our early days of social networking, we registered accounts with no real knowledge of what we were doing or what the objective was, let alone the ‘next’ step after our registration was confirmed. socialnetworksSmall

In retrospect, probably one of the best things was that we ‘didn’t know’ what we ‘didn’t know’. With few or ‘no friends’ when people finally did discover me, they either they were ‘overly friendly’ or they saw that I didn’t have many ‘friends’ so they somewhat devalued my credibility. As I was trying to figure out what all the hoopla was about in this new marketing space most all the advice I received were things I was already doing. Yet months upon months passed and I never felt that I saw a tangible result or big benefit. Over time, my left-brain kicked in and began to analyze and dissect the situation:

  • Social networking is a waste of time because it is people talking about what they had for lunch.
  • Social networking takes too much time and doesn’t provide any measurable ROI.
  • The technology changes too quickly.
  • My privacy will be compromised.
  • And the list goes on.

As real and valid as the left brain data was, it couldn’t have been more wrong. Social Media is about leadership.

Leadership is a right brained activity whereas management is left brain activity. You can’t apply left brain, linear thinking to the chaotic, rich, inspiring, listening, encouraging, trusting, believing, and sharing Social Media space.

Now is the time to anticipate and cope with change and adopt a visionary stance. I am holding this space for anyone who desires a little more right brain activity and explore whole brain learning and business strategies.

What is The Triad?

The Triad is a collaborative, creative, community which offers ground breaking whole brain training & development in a clear space where all are honoured, respected and appreciated. Our vision is to grow in excess of 1,000,000 strong. As a result of working together we experience an ever expanding consciousness through unlearning, learning, and relearning initiatives. Organic growth is enabled as we learn from one another through the recognition and application of our inherent skills, talents and abilities. The community is organized in small groups of inter-connected triads of 3 people. Our cultures’ foundation is the daily living and application of our values and standards of collaboration, creativity, and community. We are proud to share with you from the abundance of our experience and struggles so that you can directly align with your Higher Self. Why not make a decision right this very moment, to truly grow and experience the transformation of oneself by leveraging the power Social Media?

It’s Easy To Get Started

Single Pay

3 Pay

You’re fully backed by my ONE YEAR RISK FREE Guarantee


We are so confident that our high touch, high tech interactive whole brain learning experience will do so well for you and you will be absolutely pleased with our exceptional program that we are going to offer you an unconditional 1-Year Risk-Free Guarantee from the day your program begins.

… You risk absolutely nothing… If you are not 100% satisfied within 1 year No questions asked. Your money will be refunded.

You may have some questions that I’ve been unable to answer. That’s totally understandable… I can be reached at gregbd at gmail dot com or Toll Free at 1-866-281-8281

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